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Hi, I’m Jacqueline,

and I love to help people build the bridges in their careers. Whether they are connecting with their ideal career, their brand, or talent in the market, I help them do it in the way that works best for them.


Even though I have a decade of experience in HR, Talent, and Career Coaching, early on in my career I became a leader and builder of solutions for businesses and people. I noticed something strange though; that even though there was a prescribed “one size fits all approach” for almost everything, they only worked for a small portion of the population!

That’s when I got curious and started experimenting with a person or team’s most “aligned” way to do things based on their individuality. I found Human Design to be the perfect bridge builder that allows people and businesses to make the most confident decisions based on their inner authority.

I started consulting as “Off the Record” HR as my way to bridge the gap between “how we’ve always done it” and the aligned + individual way most natural to people and teams.


Through all my work in Recruiting, HR, Career Coaching, Podcasting, and Consulting, I naturally find that I’m inspiring people to connect with their desires and become aware and motivated to go after what’s possible for them.


Oh, and the fun doesn’t stop there! I’m a wife, mom of three, a killer home chef, and an adventurous dork who would prefer to be in the woods or outside any day.

I'm rooting for you,


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